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The spirit of Commedia dell’arte comes to the Leal Theatre with the play “The Jealous Old Man”

Teatro Leal
Calle Obispo Rey Redondo (La Carrera), 50
La Laguna
922 601 150
21:00 horas

The Reymala Theatre Company will bring the essence of Commedia dell’arte (Italian for “comedy of the profession”) to the stage of the Leal Theatre with the play “The Jealous Old Man” on Saturday 18 November. The show will start at 21:00. Tickets are on sale for €8 €12 and €15.

Pantaleon, a Venetian merchant, wins the hand of the young Lorenza, a woman of extraordinary beauty, in exchange for a sizeable dowry. From then on, he is tormented by a pathological jealousy, keeping his wife imprisoned at home. Lorenza longs for the promises of love from Oracio who has been gone from the city for two years, searching for his true parents. Back in Venice, with the assistance of Arlequín and Cristinica, Lorenza’s maid, Oracio tries unsuccessfully to find Lorenza. With the help of a mysterious figure, Ortigosa, the lovers are finally able to reunite in a finale of tricks and exhilarating surprises.

You can buy your ticket online.

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