The CosmoCine season of the Museum of Science screens the documentary “Sobre ruedas. El sueño del automóvil”

Museo de la Ciencia y el Cosmos
Avenida de Los Menceyes
La Laguna
922 315 265
20:00 horas

On Thursday 8 at 20:00, as part of the CosmoCine season, the Museum of Science and the Cosmos will screen the Spanish documentary “Sobre ruedas. El sueño del automóvil” (2011) by Óscar Clemente. Science and Biodiversity season. Admission is free.

The documentary posits the idea that if robots and artificial intelligence turn out to be the trademark advances of the 21st century, the automobile was the signature invention of the 20th century. “A car fit to each individual and to each pocket”, that has been the slogan of the automobile industry since the times of Ford and the example in advertising for all of consumer society to follow. The car is the star product: allowing one to move distances that before took days to travel, it is one of the most deeply established symbols of individual freedom.

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