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Tenerife Performing Arts of the Council offers this weekend six theatrical shows

from 18-Jan-2019 to 20-Jan-2019
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Candelaria, La Matanza y Los Silos
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Four municipalities receive proposals from the companies Timaginas, Delirium, Clownbaret and Insularia

The Tenerife Performing Arts programme of the Council offers six theatrical performances for this weekend. The companies Timaginas, Delirium, Clownbaret and Insularia will bring their proposals to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Candelaria, La Matanza and Los Silos between Friday 18 and Sunday 20.

The first performance will have a school character and will take place at 10:00 hours in the Guimerá Theatre of the capital of Tenerife with La farsa del Siglo de Oro de Timaginas (The Farce of the Golden Age of Timaginas), a show that will be on the same stage the following day (Saturday 19) in a performance for the general public that will begin at 20:30 hours.La farsa del Siglo de Oro is a comedy in verse, original by Armando Jerez, one of the directors of the company, set in an old theatrical courtyard, where four actors give life to the main characters of the Spanish arts and literature of the 16th and 17th centuries. The stage will host Cervantes and his Don Quixote, Calderón and his Segismundo, a Lope possessed by the muses, Góngora and Quevedo in a dialectic war of insults, or Velázquez giving the last brushstroke to his Meninas.

On Friday at 20:30 hours the company Delirium will take its latest production, Proyecto Fausto, winner of four Replica Awards for the Performing Arts of the Canary Islands 2018, to the Cultural Centre of La Villa de Candelaria. It is a text by Antonio Tabares directed by Severiano García that is based on a real event about a boat that disappeared in Canary Islands waters, told from the perspective of the women of the sailors, who suffered from land the development of the event.

The Auditorium of La Matanza will receive the humour of Clownbaret with Desconcierto (La vie en rose) on Saturday at 20:00 hours. This show begins when two concert pianists are kicked out of an auditorium with their instruments and the rest of their belongings. Destined to stay together, they look for a way to move on, to go somewhere else with the music and finally in the midst of so much bewilderment some note of hope will sound.

At the same time and hand in hand with Insularia it will begin in the Old Convent San Sebastian de Los Silos Al vino, vino, (And wine, wine), a music-literary recital that includes a wine tasting. This is a three-act show that brings together the best of wine culture, both from a musical and literary point of view, as well as from the study and knowledge of its natural properties.

Actors Juan Carlos Tacoronte and César Yanes will be accompanied by guitarist Danny González, who will be joined by Mariceli Adán, a professional oenologist who has harvested the three wines that the public will taste. Traditional Persian tales, rancheras, fado, Argentine gaucho music, the Canarian air of some folías and Uruguayan tales are part of the repertoire, which can be seen again on Sunday at 20:30 hours in the Victoria Theatre of Santa Cruz.

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