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The Ibero-American Showcase opens the Focus on Mexico section with 'Sin Ítaca', an intimate theatre piece

Teatro El Sauzal.
Calle Constitución, 3
El Sauzal
922 149 756
20:00 horas

The Muestra Escénica Iberoamericana (MEI) [Ibero-American Showcase] begins its programme for the Focus on Mexico section with the work Sin Itáca, by the Pendiente Teatro and Eduardo Bernal. In this work without scenery, the actors tell a story about migration through the manipulation of a model. The show will start at 8:00 p.m. at the El Sauzal theatre. Entrance is free until the maximum capacity of 50 people has been reached.

In Mexico there are 14 million stateless people, over 280,000 who have been displaced by violence and nearly 30,000 who have disappeared. This set-up addresses the problems that arise from the rupture of the links between a person and their land; whether through forced displacement, social marginalisation or violent death. The social, personal and real identity is an indissoluble trio that allows an individual to become a citizen, person and living being. The uprooting of Ulysses from Ítaca is only a pretext to review the kinds of relationship that some less heroic characters have with their land. This installation has appeared in the Festival Teatro para el Fin de Mundo [End of the World Theatre Festival] and Nido, both from Uruguay, the 2018 Fira Tárrega in Catalonia and the Contemporánea Festival de Prato, Italy.

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