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Tenerife Performing Arts presents the narrative reading session '¿Te lo cuento otra vez? ' in Granadilla

Biblioteca municipal de Granadilla
Antiguo convento de San Luis Obispo, plaza González Mena
Granadilla de Abona
17:00 horas

The Tenerife Island Council’s Artes Escénicas [Tenerife Performing Arts] programme brings the narrative reading company Contando ando to the Granadilla municipal library at 5.00pm on Wednesday 24th, presenting its show "¿Te lo cuento otra vez?". Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

It is a collection of stories in which Mariquita and Tontón, the characters of the work, take a tour of some classic stories that are known to all, although with some changes: What would happen if the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood were not so bad? Or if the toad did not become a prince? What would happen if the endings changed? Through this reinvention of stories, along with the protagonists, played by Isabel Bolívar and Miguel Granados, some classic stories are revised, adapting them to the context of our 21st century.

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