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Get to know the ꞌCamino Real de Dauteꞌ with the guided route organised by the Council to promote our heritage

Puerto de la Cruz y Garachico
Avenida Constitución, 1
Puerto de la Cruz
08:00 (Puerto de la Cruz) y 08:45 horas (Garachico)

Patrimonio Histórico of the Council of Tenerife organises another of the guided tours around the Island in the framework of the programme of thematic routes "Discovering the heritage of Tenerife" with a route dedicated to the "Camino Real de Daute" that will depart from Puerto de la Cruz, at 08:00, and from Garachico, at 08:45 hours, and will visit Garachico, Los Silos and Buenavista del Norte.

For centuries, royal routes were the only means of communication between the main population centres on the island. Many of them were old routes used by the natives, taken advantage of by the conquerors and finally used as a layout of the island roads at the end of the 19th century. Some have lasted in part, mainly their journey between estates, plantations and hamlets, as in the case of the old Royal Route of Daute. The intention of this route is to travel part of it, starting in San Pedro de Daute to reach Buenavista through El Llano de la Caleta or Taco, outstanding sites linked to the agricultural past of the place.

You can register online.

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