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Filmoteca Canaria screens the film ꞌEl alma de Tacandeꞌ, in Multicines Tenerife

Multicines Tenerife
Centro Comercial Alcampo
La Laguna
19:00 horas

Filmoteca Canaria screens the first film of the director Antonio Manuel Fernández "El alma de Tacande" (2018). It will be on Wednesday 15, from 19:00 hours, in Multicines Tenerife, La Laguna.

"It happened on 30 January, back in the remote stage of 1628, a fact that surprises the world", relates the romance of the appearance of the Soul of Tacande in the current municipality of El Paso that extends its boundaries by mountains where the peaks cross seas of clouds and the evanescent haze of the trade winds. It is said that for 87 days the soul of Tacande wandered her sorrow and her sin. She used to come to this house to lull a child and the cradle moved by itself, sweet songs and voices were heard that came from a non-visible person and the heartbroken cries of a newborn child. On other nights little drums, tambourines and castanets were heard and the voices of dozens of invisible women were sung.

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