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The Polvorín de Taco centre will host a day of conferences and discussions to mark the Day for Cultural Diversity

Espacio Multifuncional El Polvorín de Taco
Carretera general La Cuesta- Taco
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
922 568 600
16:30 horas

The Island Council has organised a day of discussions and conversations to commemorate the World Day for Cultural Diversity on Tuesday 21st May. The event, which will begin at 16:30 and last for approximately two hours, will take place in the outside area outside of the El Polvorín Multifunctional Space, in the neighbourhood of Taco (La Laguna). Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

After being welcomed to the discussion event, titled "Cultural diversity in Community Processes: contributions and challenges", the first conferences by Marco Marchi, a specialist in this field, will start at 17:00. At 17:20 a talk will begin, led by Alexis Mesa, on the Community Process of Taco project, while at 17:40 the Community Citizenship Group will begin a talk with the aim gathering inputs that further enrich the project. Finally, at 18:10 Roxana Ortiz and Maria Fonte will present "Tenerife lives for Diversity” to attendees, a document approved by the City Council for the promotion of intercultural coexistence on the island.

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