Swedish company ZebraDans presents its family show “CloseEnough” at the Leal

Teatro Leal
Calle Obispo Rey Redondo (La Carrera), 50
La Laguna
922 265 433
17:00 horas

The Telón Tenerife Performing Arts Festival brings the Swedish company ZebraDans to the Teatro Leal de La Laguna, who will perform their choreography "CloseEnough" for the whole family, on Sunday 10, at 17:00 hours. Tickets are on sale for €7.5.

"CloseEnough" proposes a humorous and interactive performance that recalls the importance of play. During the performance the dancers fall, follow and perform an ingenious, almost acrobatic dance show. The two protagonists will be accompanied on stage by a multimusic who will play live, taking the audience on a playful and magical journey. This show is based on the art of contact improvisation.

You can buy your ticket online.

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