The White Night as La Laguna is filled with more than 150 activities

Calles y plazas del casco
La Laguna
922 601 150
A partir de las 11:00 horas (ver programa)

The main streets and squares of La Laguna host the celebration of the new edition of White Night on Saturday, November 16, from 11:00 a.m. until midnight. It will be a day of commercial revitalisation that will include numerous activities for all (see programme) distributed in about 30 spaces around the city.

The events programme includes activities for all audiences, including guided tours, gastronomic sessions, theatre plays, dancing, music and sporting events, as reported by the local City Council. In this edition, five emblematic buildings of the Old Town will be illuminated and videos will be projected on to buildings of the town's centre, with which an artistic effect will be created through the play of lights. There will be a safe space for women, two purple points and an LGTBI+ information tent will be enabled.

You can check the complete activity programme on-line.

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