Pabellón Insular Santiago Martín
Calle las Mercedes, 38108 San Cristóbal de La Laguna,
La Laguna
Desde los 40 hasta los 80 euros.

It was back in 1971 when Joan Manuel Serrat, barely 28 years old, released his eighth musical work 'Mediterráneo', the album that would consecrate his career and make this singer-songwriter one of the key figures in 20th century popular music.

Almost 50 years after the release of that album and with an impeccable trajectory in which he has succeeded in flowing between the beginnings of the nova cançó catalana, folklore and pop, Serrat sets out once again onto the road to commemorate this anniversary.

At the age of seventy-five, Serrat faces a singular tour, “Mediterráneo da capo”, in which he offers a contemporary review of the 10 tracks of his legendary work, seasoned in live with a few surprises.

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