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Malpaís de Güímar


What is it?

Malpaís de Güímar Special Nature Reserve is notable for the geomorphological structure of both its volcanic terrain and the adjacent cones, created by recent volcanic activity, and for the great number of endemic plant and animal species found in both the coastal and inland spurge ecosystems.

Getting there

Malpaís de Güímar can be accessed from the TF-1 via the exit for the Arafo industrial estate. Continue towards the estate and turn right at the first crossroads. After approximately 1.6 kilometres you will arrive at the Special Nature Reserve.

Total area

290.3 ha.



Governing legislation

Malpaís de Güímar was declared a Special Nature Reserve and area of environmental sensitivity by Autonomous Region Act 12/94, which was later integrated into the Organisation of the Canary Islands Territory Act via Legislative Decree 1/2000.  A later addition to Act 12/94 extended the status of area of environmental sensitivity to the adjacent zones to the north of the reserve, in order to better control the activities that could impact upon it.  Subsequently, Act 13/2006 extended the Special Nature Reserve to include the whole area of Malpaís de Güímar.

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