Cabildo de Tenerife

Barranco de la Hondura

What is it?

Barranco de la Hondura Site of Scientific Interest is an area of sea cliffs made up of stratified basalt flow intermixed with red ochre and pyroclastic deposits. A narrow strip of land just a few metres wide in the upper section of the site contains a fine example of a halophilous-aeolic habitat (an environment characterised by exposure to salt and wind), while it is also home to the island’s finest examples of the extremely rare Atractylis preauxiana, a plant that is endemic to Tenerife and Gran Canaria and is in danger of becoming extinct.

Getting there

Barranco de La Hondura Site of Scientific Interest can be accessed via the exit for Las Eras: the road that connects this coastal town to the TF-1 runs alongside the protected area and has a number of tracks that lead into the Site of Scientific Interest.

Total area

38.2 ha.



Governing legislation

Barranco de La Hondura was declared a Site of Scientific Interest and area of environmental sensitivity by Autonomous Region Act 12/94, which was later integrated into the Organisation of the Canary Islands Territory Act via Legislative Decree 1/2000.

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