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“Peter Pan” flies to the theatre Felipe de Tegueste

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“Peter Pan” flies to the theatre Felipe de Tegueste

Teatro Príncipe Felipe
Calle El Casino, 7
922 316 136
18:00 horas

The company Fussion Producciones takes the play “Peter Pan, crecer nunca” (Peter Pan, grow never) to the theatre Príncipe Felipe de Tegueste, which can be seen on Friday, 4 January, starting at 18:00 hours. Tickets are on sale at the price of 6 €.

The story begins in the playroom of the Darling family home. Wendy full of dreams and wishes, looks through a wide window while her little brothers have an imaginary fight. Wendy, in her role of big sister, takes the tablets away from her siblings, making them see that there is a world far beyond the addictive technology; a world that is accessible only through the imagination. The little ones refuse to believe her, but the magic takes over when Peter Pan makes his appearance next to Tinker Bell. Both conquer the illusion of children.

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