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Ópera de Tenerife offers informative talks on

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Ópera de Tenerife offers informative talks on

from 31-Jan-2019 to 28-Feb-2019
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El Rosario
19:00 horas

Ópera de Tenerife begins the informative talks about Turandot, by Puccini, which is the production that will be offered in March by Iván Morales. It will start on Thursday 31, starting at 19:00 hours, in the Municipal Public Library of Tabaiba (El Rosario), and it will continue, in February, in the libraries of Garachico [day 5], Vilaflor [8], State Public Library, in Santa Cruz [11], Güímar [15], La Laguna [18], La Casa de la Castaña y la Alfarería, in La Victoria [25], Tromás de Iriarte de Puerto de la Cruz [28] and end on March 1 in the library of Candelaria. Admission is free.

Iván Morales will address for an hour the historical context, biographical references of the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, as well as his own explanation of the three acts in which the opera Turandot takes place. Likewise, emphasis will be placed on tearing down the clichés that surround the lyrical world and it will be seized upon to demystify them. "Turandot" is the fourth Tenerife Opera title this season and one of the most performed operas in the world, with such awe-inspiring arias as "In questa reggia".

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