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Filmoteca CajaCanarias shows Oreina, by Koldo Almandoz

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Filmoteca CajaCanarias shows Oreina, by Koldo Almandoz

Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias
Plaza del Patriotismo
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
20:00 horas

The Filmoteca CajaCanarias continues on Monday, 11 February, from 20:00 hours, its screenings with the Spanish feature film directed in 2018 by Koldo Almandoz, "Oreina", at its Cultural Space in Santa Cruz. Tickets are on sale for €2.

Khalil is a rootless young man who lives on the outskirts of the city, where the industrial estates meet the river and the marsh. Khalil makes a living as he can and spends his days with an old poacher, who shares a house on the riverbank with a brother with whom he has not spoken for years. On the shores of the marshes, the tides mark the time of love and lovelessness, of friendship and revenge.

You can buy your ticket through the Internet.

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