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The Tenerife Auditorium welcomes the bands of Los Silos, Los Realejos and Arafo

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The Tenerife Auditorium welcomes the bands of Los Silos, Los Realejos and Arafo

Auditorio de Tenerife "Adán Martín"
Avenida Constitución, 1
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
922 568 600
11:30 horas

The Tenerife Auditorium receives on Sunday 24, at 11:30 hours, a new concert of the cycle Primavera Musical, organized by the Tenerife Federation of bands in collaboration with the Council, with the participation of the federated bands of Los Silos, Los Realejos and Arafo. Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

  • The 45 musicians of the Musical Group Nueva Unión Los Silos begin the program with "Cielo Andaluz", by Pascual Marquina. Next, the band, directed by Juana Mª Bolaños Polegre, will play "Euterpe, la Musa de la Música", by Ferrer Ferrán. The soundtrack of Leonard Bersntein's "West Side Story" will close the staging of this band.
  • The program for this third session of Primavera Musical continues with the Sociedad Musical Filarmónica de Los Realejos, which will begin with "Robinson Crusoe" by Bert Appermont. The 50 musicians directed by Francisco José Hernández Padrón will then play "Overture", "Entr'acte" and "Finale" of the Theatre Music by Philip Sparke. The performance will end with the pasodoble "La Cruz", by Miguel Linares.
  • The concert closes with the Nivaria Musical Association from Arafo, whose 80 musicians will begin with the pasodoble "Juan Palomares", by Ferrer Ferrán. Then, the group founded in 1860, will play the "Overture to a New Age" by Jan de Jaan. The band, directed by Miguel Ángel Expósito Marrero, will end with the intermission of the zarzuela "La Boda de Luis Alonso", by Gerónimo Giménez.

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