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TEA Cinema screens Marc Dugain's film ꞌThe Royal Exchangeꞌ

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TEA Cinema screens Marc Dugain's film ꞌThe Royal Exchangeꞌ

from 05-Apr-2019 to 07-Apr-2019
TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Avenida San Sebastián, 10
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
922 849 057
19:00 y 21:30 horas

TEA Tenerife Space of Arts will screen from Friday 5 to Sunday 7, at 19:00 hours and 21:30 hours, "The Royal Exchange" ("L'échange des princesses", 2017), a film by Marc Dugain based on the novel by Chantal Thomas. The film was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the César Awards. The general ticket is on sale at the price of €4. Friends of TEA, €3.

The year is 1721. Philip of Orleans is Ruler of France, until the time when the young Louis XV reaches the age to rule. Meanwhile, the twisted monarch has devised an ingenious plan to consolidate peace with Spain after years of conflict. Felipe, as a gesture of friendship and union between the two countries, offers the Spanish king two very convenient marriages for both crowns. The first will be between the French 11 year old heir Louis XV and 4 year old Infanta Mariana Victoria, and the other between his own daughter, the 12 year old Miss de Montpensier, and the Prince of Asturias, the successor to the Spanish throne. However, what appeared to be a promising exchange will not come out as expected.

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