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Abubukaka will be acting in Tejina’s Church square

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Abubukaka will be acting in Tejina’s Church square

Plaza de la iglesia de Tejina
La Laguna
922 601 150
21:30 horas

The humour of the local Abubukaka group arrives at the Fiestas de Los Corazones de Tejina on Wednesday, August 21, starting at 9:30 p.m. Admission is free until seating capacity is reached.

Abubukaka was born as a theatre quartet dedicated to humour in 2006. During their first year, Abubukaka forged its own language and consolidated its status as a theatre company, so much so that, supported by Canarias Cultura en Red, as well as by the Guimerá Theatre, they approached the editing of its first large-format play: “Píaton", written, directed and produced by the members of Abubukaka. With this show, Abubukaka took part in the 2007/08 season of the programme of resident companies of the Guimerá Theatre, premièring it in the theatre's own square.

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