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Amateur theatre stages 'Las vecinas' in Arico

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Amateur theatre stages 'Las vecinas' in Arico

Calle Benítez de Lugo, trasera de la plaza de La Villa
18:00 horas

On Thursday 5th at 18.00, La Jara theatre groups will perform “Las vecinas” (“The neighours”) on Benítez de Lugo street, behind the La Villa de Arico plaza. Entrance to this performance, sponsored by Tenerife Performing Arts, is free of charge.

Actors from Abona’s Elderly Association perform in this comedy written by Wame Gutiérrez with the collaboration of Goyo Bonilla. “Las vecinas” is set in a pastoral village on on a day like any other; female neighbours chat, women come and go and lentil soup simmers. Everything goes normally until confusion erupts and the letters are found. And all over a lentil soup.

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