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Actors Nancho Novo, Eva Isanta and Alfonso Lara sponsor the Telón Tenerife Festival

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Actors Nancho Novo, Eva Isanta and Alfonso Lara sponsor the Telón Tenerife Festival

from 18-Sep-2019 to 21-Dec-2019
Auditorio de Tenerife, Teatro Guimerá, Recinto Ferial, Parque La Granja, Teatro Leal y Paraninfo de la Universidad de La Laguna (ULL)
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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The artists were at the presentation to the sector of the festival, which begins on Wednesday 18 September with the national premiere of Hofesh Shechter's latest show “Grand Finale”.

All the information on the shows, tickets and discounts available at each venue can now be consulted at and through their profiles on social networks.

The Telón Tenerife Performing Arts Festival started on Tuesday 17 with the presentation to the cultural sector of the 40 functions of the 31 theatre, circus and dance shows that make up the programme of this third edition, which is organised by the Island Council, through the Tenerife Auditorium, with the collaboration of the city councils of Santa Cruz and La Laguna. The event was held at the fish market in Our Lady of Africa Market and was attended in the capacity of sponsors by actors Nancho Novo and Eva Isanta, who star in the national premiere of Trigo Sucio, and Alfonso Lara, who heads the cast of La Strada, a theatrical version of Fellini's classic film directed by Mario Gas.

Nancho Novo stressed that "Trigo Sucio (Dirty Wheat) talks about the power struggle" and stressed that "David Mamet is a very intelligent writer, who has created a tremendously nice comedy that will enchant the audience". His partner in this production, Eva Isanta, considers that it is "a rather acid comedy that is going to create much controversy for the subject matter it deals with" and confessed that she was "very excited to premiere in Tenerife". Alfonso Lara, who will participate in the third edition of this festival with La Strada, said that “it is a devastating story, but very beautiful, directed by Mario Gas, which transmits a circus spirit”.

The Regional Minister of Culture of the Council, Concepción Rivero, stressed in the presentation of Telón Tenerife that "this festival is a boost to the leisure and cultural activity of the island with very important actors such as those we have in this presentation, which are luxury”, and she invited “all citizens to come to this festival”.

The artistic director of the Tenerife Auditorium, José Luis Rivero, considers that "this is the best performing arts festival in the whole of the Canary Islands" and considers that "it is going to be a turning point in the metropolitan area".

The mayoress of Santa Cruz, Patricia Hernandez, said that "it is a pleasure to enjoy this festival and above all with premieres such as Trigo Sucio (Dirty Wheat), with a cast of category". For the mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutierrez, "this festival is a commitment to culture in all its splendor, we are very satisfied especially the family programme that hosts the Teatro Leal".

Telón, which starts tomorrow and will run until 21 December, will be held at the Tenerife Auditorium, Teatro Guimerá, Exhibition Centre, La Granja Park, Teatro Leal and Paraninfo Theatre of the University of La Laguna (ULL). In this edition, the festival focuses on families, offering a greater number of shows designed for all audiences. Thus, the Teatro Leal offers an alternative plan for Sunday afternoons with theatre, dance and circus shows. This offer is completed with the functions organized for students of different educational levels in the island.

The programme includes five national premieres, among them the premiere in Spanish of Trigo Sucio, a comedy by film director and playwright David Mamet starring Nancho Novo (in the role played in London by John Malkovich), Eva Isanta, Norma Ruiz and Fernando Ramallo.

Another novelty of this edition is the Canarian theatre series that will receive the Paraninfo of the ULL from 11 to 14 November with the shows TheRoomToBe, by Burka Teatro; Proyecto Fausto, by Delirium Teatrim; Puck, by Bolina Títeres (school performance); Pogüerful, by Impulso; and El crimen de la calle Fuencarral, by Laboratorio Galdós. During this week there will also be professional conferences organised in collaboration with the main associations of the sector in the Canary Islands: the Association of Performing Arts Companies of the Canary Islands Replica and the Association of Artists of the PiedeBase Movement.

A national premiere inaugurates this third edition: the show Grand Finale, the latest production by the company of the renowned Israeli dancer and choreographer Hofesh Shechter. The performances will take place on 18 September, Thursday 19 at 20:00 hours in the Symphonic Hall of the Tenerife Auditorium. Erritu will close September, a unique dance piece that can be enjoyed on the 28th at the Exhibition Centre at 20:00 hours.

On 4 and 5 October, the Guimerá will receive a theatrical adaptation signed by Gerard Vázquez of La Strada, a lyrical and bitter film by Federico Fellini, which won an Oscar for best foreign film in 1954. This version will be directed by Mario Gas and starring Alfonso Lara, Mar Ulldemolins and Alberto Iglesias.

After the premiere with two shows of Trigo Sucio, 29 and 30 November, a story directed by Juan Carlos Rubio set in the most brilliant Hollywood, on 1 December comes the new by Lava, the resident dance company of the Tenerife Auditorium, directed by Daniel Abreu, with original creations by the Israeli Roy Assaf and the Korean Dong Kyu Kim.


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