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Peñon Rock II - Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife

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Peñon Rock II - Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife

Peñón Rock Puerto de la Cruz
Puerto de la Cruz
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The second Peñon Rock festival will take place in October with the aim of providing hours of live music in an event dominated by yesterday’s, today’s and eternal Spanish musicians.

The second Peñon Rock Festival of Puerto de la Cruz will have Tequila as its main act, in an event that kick starts a new direction in which Spanish musicians will go. We are currently experiencing an important musical moment in Spain, with many classic groups doing big tours and new and weathered artists continuing to produce great work. Therefore, this theme will be central for Peñon Rock in its next reiterations, which intends to create an exclusive event for the thousands of people who love and follow Spanish music. It aims to become an unmissable event on the national festival calendar, putting Puerto de la Cruz on the musical map of Spain and adding a further attraction to this historic tourist destination.

You can see the entire programme on the Peñón Rock website (

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