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TEA, Tenerife Arts Space, recovers the works of Bourdarel, Mréjen and Lévénez in Recherchez les femmes!!!

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TEA, Tenerife Arts Space, recovers the works of Bourdarel, Mréjen and Lévénez in Recherchez les femmes!!!

Recherchez les femmes!!!
from 23-Sep-2016 to 11-Dec-2016
TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Avenida San Sebastián, 10
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
922 849 057
De 10:00 a 20:00 horas

This exhibition showcases the visual dialogues developed by the artists from perspectives of gender, and how these are currently some of the contributions, both theoretical and practical, which have provided a wake -up call for the artistic world. Over recent decades this has led to new approaches and perspectives in visual arts in general and audiovisual arts in particular. The artists have carried out profound and interesting discursive investigations in the field of audiovisual arts – ranging from the most experimental and expanded cinema to videoart - from new and different perspectives and views

In these views, themes including the body, violence, generic identities and their deconstructions and reconstructions, affective relationships, the sex-love binomial, intimate, personal and family relationships, the place and role of women in society; in both the public and private sphere; as well as stereotypes and behavioural cliches, have provided the main focus for their artistic works.

In recent years large numbers of women artists have burst onto the visual art scene, with a particular emphasis on audiovisual art. The work of the majority of these artists takes into account, amongst many other questions, the relevance of a generic identity, socio-culturally constructed and imposed on women, which takes what is 'officially female' as a generalised behavioural norm.

This is an identity, and some historically constructed and imposed roles, which include behaviour and attitudes that women have been forced to comply with. Since the 20th century, primarily over recent decades, these have been overcome, transformed and expanded by a new spectrum of ways of life, approaches, ways of feeling and acting, and confronting life itself, the collective and the private, and the relationships between both, which have meant innovative, liberating and diverse ways of being women in the world.

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