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The researchers Marcelo Gleiser and Pavel Kroupa address

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The researchers Marcelo Gleiser and Pavel Kroupa address

Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias
Plaza del Patriotismo
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
922 471 100
20:00 horas

On Thursday 20, at 20:00, the CajaCanarias Cultural Space in Santa Cruz hosts the fourth and final session of the forum 'Enciende el Cosmos' (Light Up the Cosmos) 2016, which brings together the astronomy professors Marcelo Gleiser and Pavel Kroupa. They will address the issue of "The limits of planet Earth. Interplanetary exodus". Admission is free.

    • Marcelo Gleiser is Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth University (USA) and a renowned scientific commentator. He has published more than one hundred scientific articles and five popular science books that have been translated into fourteen languages, as well as another nine books in Portuguese.

  • Pavel Kroupa is professor of Astronomy in the University of Bonn and the Helmholtz Institute of the same university. His areas of research include stellar populations, brown dwarfs, formation of planetary systems, galactic and stellar dynamics, and proving cosmological and gravitational theories.

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