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The Guimerá Theatre stages

from 11-May-2018 to 12-May-2018
Teatro Guimerá
Plaza Isla de La Madera
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
922 60 94 07
20:30 horas

The Guimerá Theatre stages Ingmar Bergman's play "After the Rehearsal" ("Después del Ensayo"), starring Emilio Gutiérrez Caba and directed by Juan José Afonso. It will take place on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 with performances at 20:30. Tickets are on sale for €22, €24 and €26.

"After the Rehearsal" is the play, the testament as a man of the theatre, of a now mature Bergman who self-analyses in a relentless, honest and tormented way… The play is a reflection on the life that we are not able or do not wish to live. It is also the demonstration of the existence of certain emotionally unbalanced human behaviours that are inevitably repeated, making them impossible to endure or forgive, even when they are based on love.

You can purchase your ticket online.

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