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The Museum of History and Anthropology invites you to a new edition of

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The Museum of History and Anthropology invites you to a new edition of

from 11-May-2018 to 12-May-2018
Museo de Historia y Antropología
Calle San Agustín, 22
La Laguna
922 825 949 / 43
21:00 horas

On Friday 11 and Saturday 12 May at 21:00, the Museum of History and Anthropology has scheduled a new edition of "Nocturnos de primavera" (Springtime Evenings). It will take place this time under the title "Segunda búsqueda en el baúl de los recuerdos". For further information, please call 922 825 949.

This springtime evening will feature a guided tour of the sounds of words not fully understood, echoes that resonated around ravines and mountains before the arrival of the conquistadors to these lands. It will include discussion of the "lenguas, trujamán and adalid", those interpreters who became bridges of communication at the beginning of the conquest. Little by little, these bridges began to grow and transform, joining people ever more distant in space. Networks of unbreakable ties will be laid between the Canary Islands and Spanish America, paths in the sea which many toured not only in search of lands in which to settle but as trade routes for all kinds of products. These routes will not be free of dangers and adventures, as shown by the charismatic life of Captain Amaro Pargo.

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