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Burka Teatro performs

Teatro Leal
Calle Obispo Rey Redondo (La Carrera), 50
La Laguna
922 601 150
21:00 horas

The Leal Theatre in La Laguna hosts the staging of "Capa", a play about the mythical photographer, Robert Capa, who was actually two different people: he, Endré and she, Gerda, who died in the Spanish Civil War. There will be one performance, on Friday 20 at 21:00. Tickets are on sale for €10, €12 and €15.

Endré Friedman and Gerda Pohorylle invented a fictional character named Robert Capa who they used to earn money by selling their photography. The character was the most important war photographer of all time. The lives of these bold photojournalists allow us to analyse the latest human conflicts.

You can buy your ticket online.

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