Cabildo de Tenerife


Concerning the Island of Tenerife


Information on food prepared from local produce; honey, wine and cheese.

More information Agro-industry

Climate and surroundings

The island's climate, particularities, diversity and volcanic landscapes make Tenerife a truly unique place to visit.

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Economy and demography

General information on Tenerife's economy and demography to gain an insight into the current situation of the island.

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Gastronomy, a world of flavours

Many cultures have influenced Tenerife's unique cuisine and traditions, making gastronomy one of the island's great attractions.

More information Gastronomy, a world of flavours

History and tradition

Tenerife has a rich history thanks to its geographical location at the crossroads of major sea routes.

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Nature and landscapes

Tenerife is home to some of the world's most unique natural attractions thanks to its remote location and proximity to Africa.

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