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The House of Honey

The House of Honey is a central service centre for beekeeping. The centre's main objective is to consolidate and develop the beekeeping sector by providing support to the island's beekeepers and guaranteeing the quality and origin of the honey produced, as well as disseminating information on and promoting honeys. It is responsible for ensuring that products bearing the Honey of Tenerife label meet quality standards.

By doing so it seeks to ensure the continuity of this century-old rural tradition as part of the ethnographic heritage of the island whilst at the same time play an important social role in conserving the island's immensely diverse plant species and agriculture.

The House of Honey was founded in 1966 by the Council of Tenerife.

Services offered

  • Honey factory
    • Extraction
    • Bottling
    • Labeling
    • Preparation of crystallised honey
    • Verification of origin and quality
  • Quality control
    • Physical and chemical analyses
    • Pollen analyses
    • Sensory analyses
  • Beeswax
    • Extraction of beeswax
    • Laminating and moulding
  • Activities
    • Studies and research
    • Bee health lab
    • Training for beekeepers and bee experts
    • Promotion of and support for marketing Tenerife honey

Visitors Centre

The House of Honey Visitors Centre was opened in response to an increased demand for information on Tenerife honey. The centre offers information on the origins of local honey and the tools used to guarantee quality. The centre plays an important role in continuing the Council of Tenerife's efforts in promoting local honey and ensuring it receives the recognition it deserves.

The entire hall seeks to serve as a small tribute not only to the island's very unique honey, a product that has a rich past and a promising future, but also to the island's beekeepers, whose knowledge and dedication have made honey production possible.

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