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Honey in Tenerife

The unique characteristics of Tenerife honey can be attributed to both the climate and the orography of the areas where honey is collected and, of course, the care and dedication displayed by the island's beekeepers.

Thanks to the differences in climate between the humid north and the arid south of the island, coupled with the wide variety volcanic soils found on the island, Tenerife is home to an extensive variety of unique flowers on which the bees feed to produce the excellent original diverse and contrasting honeys of Tenerife.

Artisan beekeeing threatened

Beekeeping in Tenerife is still an artisan craft thanks to the mountainous nature of the island. Hives are usually small and difficult to access making honey collection, a substantial source of income for many beekeepers, an especially difficult occupation with its own unique characteristics.

The location of hives in hard to access areas coupled with the fact that the sector is ageing, problems related to selling honey through new channels, external competition and fraud means that the future of beekeeping in Tenerife is seriously threatened.


Research into and the classification of Tenerife honey is the key to developing beekeeping practices which will increase productivity while maintaining high quality standards and preserving the natural properties of the honey. In keeping with this principle, the House of Honey uses the latest food technology to produce its honey so that no process affects the natural qualities of the product. Beekeeping on Tenerife has adapted to modern times without disregarding traditional uses in a firm commitment to maintain high standards and to protect the characteristics and personality of the environment in which they are made.

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