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Projects organised by agricultural extension offices

The Agricultural Extension Offices are responsible for organizing projects aimed at improving specific areas of farming and delivering courses on topics such as how to increase production, improving efficiency in irrigation, etc.

The offices offer guidance and support in establishing innovative and employment-generating business initiatives and promoting activity diversification.

Current projects

  • Agrojoven.-
    • Promotion of farming as a respected profession
    • Getting young people interested in agriculture actively involved in farming
    • Providing specific support for young farmers
  • Banana and subtropical crop plantations.-
    • Improving production techniques
    • Protecting plant species
    • Improving irrigation and fertilisation systems
    • Conservation of plant matter (Finca La Mosca)
    • Coordination and exchange of knowledge between experts in the region.
  • Potatoes.-
    • Protecting plant species
    • Improving production techniques for local potato varieties
    • Improving production techniques for white potatoes
    • Improving marketing and valuation
  • Intensive horticulture.-
    • Improving production techniques
    • Protecting plant species
    • Promoting diversification in horticultural crops and restructuring of varieties
    • Providing training to technical staff
    • Improving irrigation efficiency
  • Viticulture and enology.-
    • Improving cultivation techniques
    • Protecting plant species
    • Improving irrigation and fertilisation systems
    • Improving wine-making techniques
  • Temperate fruits.-
    • Improving production techniques
    • Protecting plant species
    • Compilation of a census of growers and farms
  • Appreciation of local produce.-
    • Appreciation of Tenerife chestnuts
    • Appreciation of El Carrizal onions
    • Appreciation of cereals
    • Appreciation of reineta apples
    • Appreciation of other local products
  • Marketing of produce.-
    • Help improve standards of local produce sold at farmers markets
    • Improve infrastructure at farmer's markets
    • Implement the Paths of Virtual Marketing of Local Produce project
    • Improve marketing of local produce
  • Sustainability in agriculture.-
    • Use of agrochemicals
    • Agricultural waste
    • Rational use of water and fertilizers
    • Conservation of biodiversity
    • Sustainable management of rural accommodation
  • Education, employment and businesses in rural areas.-
    • Supporting the generation of jobs and creation of companies in rural areas
    • Supporting existing businesses
    • Certification of workers in rural areas
  • Rural heritage.-
    • Appreciation of agricultural heritage in rural areas
  • Promotion of associations within rural communities.-
    • Supporting and promoting associations
    • Collaborating with local development agents and other experts
    • Promoting community development
  • Communication and dissemination of information.-

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