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Children's play centre program (Ludo-Isla)

The objective of the Ludored Program run by the Institute for Social and Socio-Sanitary Care (IASS) is to create a Network of Children's Play Centres throughout the island in collaboration with local town halls. The program also includes the provision of toys on loan to hospitals.

Who is it aimed at?

The Children's Play Centre Program is aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 14 and is open to all those involved in promoting social skills and education.

Services offered

A play centre is a place where children can interact with others through games and toys; it is a place that fosters children's all-round development, seeks to prevent the onset social problems, strives to redress all forms of inequalities, promotes development as a group, promotes and disseminates of the importance of play and toys, and fosters a sense of solidarity and democratic values amongst children.

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For further information

Institute for Socio and Socio-Sanitary Care
Address: Calle Galcerán, 10. 38003, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Telephone: 922 843 200

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