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MEDI (Strategic Framework for Island Development) landscape improvement programme

The Cabildo de Tenerife has published "Landscapes of Tenerife: Teaching Resources" (, online educational materials that provide information about our landscape.

It is primarily aimed at teachers, and, therefore, also at students in Compulsory Secondary Education de Tenerife, on Tenerife, to facilitate and complement teaching material relating to the landscape at this level of education, although the material is also available to any person who is simply interested in learning more about the landscape or using the material for educational purposes in any other context

The material is flexible and dynamic with distinct sections, allowing for the use of just some sections in order to complement other resources the teacher may have. 

The page includes the following sections:

  • Conceptual Dossier, that describes the landscape: the concept, study, characteristics and description of our most established landscapes.
  • Interactive activities, that allow the user to test their knowledge of the landscape in a fun way. In addition, game sessions can also be sent to teachers, allowing this product to be assessed.
  • Photo gallery, categorised by topics discussed in the conceptual dossier (by predominance of components, functionality, etc.) to illustrate the richness and diversity of the island’s landscapes,
  • Maps, that allow you to identify different features of the landscape on the island’s territory.
  • Multimedia, which includes various resources, both textual and visual, that serve to arouse interest via a tour of the sensory aspects of our landscape, or to complement knowledge of other sections.
  • Useful links, that include web addresses of specific landscape-related initiatives and entities and similar that can provide useful information or resources.

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