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Tenerife Network of Footpaths


The Tenerife Network of Footpaths boasts three types of route:

  • Long-distance Footpaths. Identified in red and white and bearing the acronym GR. These long-distance routes take several days to complete, given a length of over 50 kilometres.
  • Short-distance Footpaths. Identified in white and yellow and bearing the acronym PR. The length of these footpaths varies between 10 and 50 kilometres. A number of these routes are actually shorter that 10 kilometres; however, that have been classified as PR footpaths due to their steep gradient, which increases difficulty.
  • Local Footpaths. Identified in white and green and bearing the acronym SL. These footpaths are less than 10 kilometres long.

When hiking, we recommend consulting any possible weather alerts. In the event of rain, strong winds or high temperatures, risks increase in natural settings, whereby we recommend calling off the hike if conditions are not suitable.

To get the most out of hiking, you should plan your route.

You can obtain the itineraries of the footpaths by downloading Google Earth . In the entry for each hiking trail you will find the map of each route and other details that might prove of interest.

Tenerife Network of Footpaths


To use the footpaths of El Pijaral Nature Reserve and the Exclusion Zone of Mount Aguirre (Anaga Rural Park) authorisation is required.

Contact details and Information

  • Citizen Service Centre
  • Address: Plaza de España, 3
    38001, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Telephone: 901 501 901
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