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Youth councils

Youth Councils, whilst public law bodies, have a private base, and are governed by the Canary Island’s Youth Legislation and the subsequent regulations that develop this law, possessing their own legal status. They aim to open up a channel of free association in order to promote participation, representation and consultation for young people in political, financial, social and cultural matters.

The councils are always created with the consent of the Administration in application of article 48 of the Constitution. (Art. 48: “The public powers will promote conditions for free and effective youth participation in political, social, economic and cultural development”).

What is the purpose of the youth councils?

To encourage youth participation, representation and intervention, in areas that affect them, in the political, social, economic and cultural spheres within the Canary Islands. This will allow them raise matters of interest to them before the Administration.

What are the requirements in order to participate in a youth council?

In the case of municipal councils, representatives of youth associations and the youth sections of any type of association or federations created by them that are entered in the registry can be members.

It is important to note that there must be a minimum number of associations within the municipality that wish to belong to the council in order to create a Municipal Youth Council. In the case of insular councils, members can be drawn from representatives of municipal youth councils, representatives of youth associations, the youth sections of insular associations or federations or unions created by these associations that are entered into the registry.

Representatives of insular youth councils or youth associations can participate in the Canary Island’s Youth Council, as is the case of the youth sections of any association and association unions that are entered into the registry and active within the Canary Islands.

What does the Legislation say about the councils?

The information provided by Legislation in this sphere is very extensive and fundamentally refers to the composition, organisation, functions and objectives of the councils. The councils channel young people’s proposals or ideas, providing true platforms for youth participation in political, social and cultural matters.

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