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Spanish Red Cross

The Spanish Red Cross is a volunteer-based humanitarian organisation which performs tasks and functions of public interest, including services and assistance to immigrants, under the protection of the Spanish government

Services offered

  • Temporary shelter
  • Basic assistance
  • Help in emergencies
  • Assistance for seasonal workers
  • Shelter for immigrants
  • Support for social integration
  • Assistance for unaccompanied immigrant minors
  • Psychological assistance
  • Awareness-raising
  • Family reunification
  • Assistance with voluntary return to home country

The Spanish Red Cross in Tenerife has various mechanisms with which it can provide shelter and assistance to immigrants. The Immediate Emergency Response and Humanitarian Aid Teams (ERIE) for immigrants provide fast and effective intervention in emergency situations, such when immigrants arrive in rickety boats on the shores of Tenerife. The organisation's objective in these cases is to alleviate human suffering and provide basic humanitarian aid.

The organisation also offers services to groups of immigrants, including legal, social and psychological guidance, basic emergency aid, awareness-raising, and training such as English classes.

Other services Guía Insular de recursos para la inmigración en Tenerife

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