Cabildo de Tenerife


Map guide of Viewpoints

The viewpoints are a very useful means to increase knowledge and appreciation of the landscape among the population of the island of Tenerife, both residents and visitors, as they are located in geographically strategic points that invite you to enjoy the best views and geomorphological manifestations. This knowledge will help to raise awareness and involve the population in the protection of the landscape, thus improving its quality.

For this reason, the Council has prepared an informative brochure published in Spanish, English and German that describes the main viewpoints of the island of Tenerife. The brochure presents on the front a short text describing the main landscapes of Tenerife and a map where 45 viewpoints are listed and identified. The map provides useful information for visitors and residents on the location of visitor centres, museums, Sites of Cultural Interest and World Heritage sites. Likewise, roads, ports, airports, bus stations, trams, footpaths and Protected Natural Spaces are indicated. The back side shows the 20 main viewpoints and the panoramic views from them.

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