The Strategic Framework for Island Development 2016 - 2025 (MEDI) is a decisive step to make effective progress in island development with proper resource planning. The MEDI consolidates a new model of public management, under the premises of…

Good Governance.

Management by objectives.

A comprehensive strategy based on territorial balance.

Among its forecasts, it also includes a management with a strategic perspective and agreed with the City Councils that make up the Island in a participatory, transparent and effective manner.

The MEDI is, in short, the concretion of island policy, committed to a citizenry that demands employment opportunities, improvements in knowledge, innovation (R+D+i) and new infrastructures that favour a balanced and sustainable development throughout the territory.

With an average annual investment of over 230 million euros, it constitutes one of our greatest economic efforts, channelled through 5 axes and 36 action programmes.

A commitment that we reached at the beginning of the legislature, which has given us the opportunity to design the best future for our Island and which encompasses the major lines of investment defined in the various plans of the different areas of this Institution organised into five axes:

We work to ensure that Tenerife has a diversified and competitive production model that meets criteria of sustainability and territorial, environmental and social balance, with employment as the protagonist of economic development and the training of citizens as the main engine of the growth of the Island.

In an exercise of Good Governance and Transparency, the Island Council of Tenerife makes available to all citizens and companies, the main documentation that makes up the MEDI strategy:

Dissemination of activities

On the other hand, all the activities and projects developed by the Strategic Framework for Island Development (MEDI) are available on the Web for accessing directly to complete and updated information.

MEDI Strategic Plan

All the documentation that makes up the MEDI strategy is also available on the Web and you can directly access all the information that makes up the strategy, as well as the electronic file.

Axis 1. Tenerife 2030: Education, innovation, culture, technology and sport as keys to the development and social and economic sustainability of the Island. • Axis 2. Social Action: People as the main protagonists of the actions carried out in the Strategic Framework for Island Development. • Axis 3. Infrastructure: Infrastructures as a basic requirement for economic activity and a means of achieving territorial balance and structuring. • Axis 4. Employment and Productive Sectors: Improving the skills and employability of citizens, and the creation of stable and quality employment, as the main goals of the Strategic Framework for Island Development. • Axis 5. Sustainability and Environment: The natural wealth of the territory as the main resource of the island, and its rational and sustainable use as an obligation

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