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Consejo Económico y para la Promoción de la Competitividad de Tenerife

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The Tenerife Council for Financial Matters and the Promotion of Competitiveness is a consultative and deliberative body that belongs to the government of Tenerife. The aim of this council is to inform, propose, recommend and advise the President of the Council of Tenerife in matters concerning the development, monitoring and assessment of the island's policies with respect to Economic Development, Competitiveness and Innovation, Sectoral Employment, Financial Policies and Economic Diversification.

The functions of this body are to:

  • Create a framework for analysis and debate on the situation of the island's economy, foster the implementation of policies aimed at promoting competitiveness and economic development in Tenerife.
  • Promote coordination and cooperation between both public and private agents.
  • Promote the implementation and development of specific plans, programs and activities.

The responsibilities of this body are to:

  • Establish general lines of action for the Council.
  • Take decisions on the creation and approval of reports, decisions, studies, recommendations and proposals on its own initiative, and to request such points to be included on the Agenda at government meetings.
  • Create permanent Working Committees or committees for specific matters.

Objectives and Activities

  • Analyse the island's economy and produce reports on the impact that local, regional, national and EU policies have on the island.
  • Study, deliberate on and bring forward proposals for action in the aforementioned areas.
  • Provide advisory services to the President of the Council of Tenerife.

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