About the Institute

The IASS was conceived as an instrument to respond to the island's demand for social and socio-sanitary services. Its primary aim is to address the needs of social entities and institutions working with disadvantaged people in an ever-changing society.

It is responsible for over 4000 places in the island's network of social centres, homes, supervised flats, residences, hospitals and socio-sanitary centres, as well as over one hundred specific purpose projects.


The overall aims and functions of the institute are the following:


The main tasks entrusted to the Institute are the following:

In order to fulfil the aforementioned responsibilities, the institute has created a series of Management Units:

Contact Details and Information

The Institute for Social and Socio-Sanitary Care (IASS)
Adress: Calle Galcerán, 10. 38003, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Telephone: 922 843 200
Web: www.iass.es


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