Cabildo de Tenerife


Selecting services

The guide to Council of Tenerife services and procedures is available on the Council of Tenerife web portal ( under Services and Procedures.

Services are classified by type of service and topic:

por tipo servicio

If you click on your desired topic or type of service you will see a list of all related services and procedures, sorted by type of service or topic, with those open for registration at the top of the list..

Channels for submitting applications (in person, online, telephone, fax or email) are displayed for each service

canales dispongamos

Every page in this section contains a  search engine where you can enter keywords (Simple Search), or search by type of service, topic or registration period (Advanced Search), to find the service or procedure you are looking for.

servicios y tramites

Once you have located your desired service or procedure, you can find everything you need to know on that service or procedure (What it consists of, who can apply, what you need?...).

detalles de la informacion

In the section on processing of applications and procedures you can find information on the channels available for submitting requests and applications. Select your desired service and initiate the procedure.


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