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The Council of Tenerife is responsible for maintaining roads on the island of Tenerife and does so by keeping roadsides clean, removing fallen rocks, repairing guard rails, amongst other actions

If there is an emergency , you can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 900 210 131

Road are maintained both directly by the Council and through tenders to the private sector.

Direct road conservation

Direct road conservation is carried out by Council of Tenerife staff and the island is divided into four zones. Regular maintenance work consists of cleaning roadsides, removing fallen debris, maintaining roadside protection such as guard rails, embankments and gutters, repairing potholes, walls and engineering structures, maintaining road signs and markings, pruning trees, and others.

Conservation through tenders

Roads are also maintained through tenders to private companies that conduct practically the same tasks with their own staff.

Contact Details and Information

  • Servicio Técnico de Conservación, Explotación de Carreteras y Paisaje
  • Adress: Intercambiador de Santa Cruz, avenida Tres de Mayo, planta 3, 38001, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Telephone: 922 843 905
  • 24h emergency telephone: 900 210 131

The Council of Tenerife has an electronic tool called,AforoNetWeb that offers a combination of management and monitoring functions, and generates up-to-date traffic reports and information on road vehicle capacity for the roads it manages.

This tool has a number of different functions, some of which can only be accessed by persons authorised by the web administrator, as well as easy-to-use maps that can be accessed by all users. A user's manual is also available on the website.

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As driving can be dangerous, it is important that traffic is constantly monitored to help reduce death, personal injury as well as damage to personal and community property and the environment. Proper road lighting can significantly reduce the number of accidents.

Planning and execution of road lighting works

The guidelines set forth in the adjoined document were drafted to regulate road lighting on roads for which the Council of Tenerife is responsible and thereby guarantee security, quality, efficiency and serviceability.

Road lighting works must meet all requirements set forth in the aforementioned document. Compliance is monitored by the Technical Service for Road Conservation and Management of the Council of Tenerife and all works are subject to as many inspections as deemed necessary.

Contact Details and Information

  • Servicio Técnico de Conservación, Explotación de Carreteras y Paisaje
  • Adress:Intercambiador de Santa Cruz, avenida Tres de Mayo, tercera planta, 38001, Santa Cruz
  • Telephon: 922 843 907

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The island has a quality control laboratory responsible for ensuring that all materials and specifications for road works meet minimum standards as stipulated in technical documentation. The laboratory's overall objective is to optimize and improve the quality of procedures and materials for road works.

The laboratory is run by the Technical Service for Roads and conducts quality control testing not only on services offered by the Department for Roads, but also on those provided by all other Technical Service Offices run by the Council of Tenerife, as well as town halls upon request. All testing is carried out by highly-experienced personnel who periodically attend courses to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Contact Details and Information

  • Technical Service (Servicio Técnico de Carreteras y Paisajes)
  • Address: Intercambiador de Santa Cruz, avenida Tres de Mayo
  • Locate on Google Maps
  • Telephone: 922 843 932

El paisaje es un componente fundamental del patrimonio natural y cultural, que contribuye al bienestar de los seres humanos, a la consolidación de la identidad de las poblaciones y al desarrollo económico.

Por ello, el Cabildo Insular de Tenerife lleva años trabajando en la protección del paisaje de nuestra isla, particularmente valioso y frágil, a través de distintas líneas de actuación. Entre ellas, se encuentran la educación y la sensibilización, que constituyen herramientas fundamentales para lograr la implicación de todos los sectores sociales en el cuidado de nuestro territorio. En este marco surgió el proyecto Gestos por el Paisaje, cuyo objetivo principal era acercar a la ciudadanía el concepto de paisaje e incrementar la sensibilización respecto a su valor, su transformación y la implicación personal en su preservación.

Desde 2009 se ha implementado este proyecto a través de distintas actividades como charlas, una exposición informativa itinerante, distribución de folletos de recomendaciones, campañas de comunicación o rutas de interés paisajístico.

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Contacto e Información

  • Unidad Orgánica de Medio Ambiente y Paisaje
  • Teléfono: 922 239 087
  • Fax: 922 834 900
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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