Tenerife Voluntary Service Office

As part of the Tenerife Solidarity Programme managed by the Agency for the Promotion of the Disabled (SINPROMI, S.L. ), a Tenerife Insular Council public company, the Voluntary Service Office, has been set up to provide information and advice to volunteer(s) and associations. It also is a driving force for the objectives and actions of the Tenerife Solidarity Programme. Any potential volunteer can get information on all aspects of volunteering, NGOs, programmes run and on the steps to be taken to become a volunteer.

Casa África

Casa África (Africa House) is a public diplomacy instrument serving the State foreign action which includes the Insular Council of Tenerife. In order to accomplish its mission, Casa África is working towards its two complementary goals. On the one hand, to bring Africa to Spain, to Spanish public opinion overall – universities, experts, entrepreneurs, the media and the general public -, by incorporating the knowledge and participation of Africans and its institutions. The other key objective of Casa África is to work closely with African institutions and societies to discover their interests and priorities, helping to identify their potential counterparts and foster contacts.

Fundación Canaria para la Acción Exterior (Canarian Foundation for Foreign Action - FUCAEX)

It is a non-profit public foundation of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands. Its purpose is to foster and support activities, actions and programmes aimed at consolidating the presence of the Canary Islands overseas and promoting their interests in the national territory and in the rest of the world, particularly, in those States with which there are special links and ties for economic, cultural, historical or similar reasons.


Coordinadora de ONGD’s de Canarias (CONGDCA)

The Federación Coordinadora de ONGDs de Canarias (Canarian DNGO Coordinator Federation - CONGDCA) is a federation of non-governmental organisations that operate from the Canary Islands in the sphere of development cooperation. The Federación Coordinadora de ONGDs de Tenerife (Tenerife DNGO Coordinator Federation - FCONGDS-TNF) is a member of the CONGDCA: The mission of the CONGDCA is education to develop and foster international cooperation to develop impoverished peoples and countries, along with any other countries in need due to natural catastrophes or other reasons. Its portal, contains up-to-date information on the member organisations, social agenda, events and news.

Agencia Española de cooperación Internacional

The Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation - AECID) is the management entity of the Spanish international cooperation policy foster, manage and implement the international development cooperation public policies, aimed at fighting poverty and achieving sustainable human development in developing countries, particularly those included in its current four-year Master Plan. Fighting poverty is the end goal of Spanish international development cooperation policy. It is part of the State’s foreign action and is based on a solidarity and interdependent cooperation of international society.

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