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What is TF Innova?

The TF Innova Program establishes the Council of Tenerife's objectives and lines of action in the areas of business innovation, technology-based entrepreneurship, knowledge-intensive processes as well as in excellence.

The main objective of this program is to foster a culture of innovation as the basis to improve competitivity and enhance local socioeconomic conditions and opportunities, with the Council of Tenerife serving as the island's engine for innovation. Supported by the corresponding Council of Tenerife departments, the Office for Project Innovation and Development is responsible for the implementation and proper functioning of the TF Innova program.

The Council of Tenerife, based on a set of axes and measures, will focus on revitalizing, channelling and systematizing all opportunities for innovation on the island, enhancing the skills of those responsible and involved in local innovation, promoting R&D&I projects amongst the population and creating the infrastructure necessary for R&D&I projects, such as the Tenerife Science and Technology Park, Clusters, amongst others. TF Innova promotes innovation not only in strategic well-establish industries but also in emerging and potential industries.

Context and origin of TF Innova

Given Tenerife's privileged geographical location, the island has focussed its economic development on the tourism industry and a large part of the local economy relies on this. However, there are many opportunities for the island in areas that have not yet been developed.The Council of Tenerife has already pursued a great number of pioneering projects, all of which have been innovative and proved beneficial for the affected areas. These include the opening of the Canary Islands University Hospital, the Conference and Exhibition Centre, the Auditorium, the TEA Tenerife Arts Centre, the Institute for Technology and Renewable Energies (ITER), the company Crops and Agricultural Technology of Tenerife, S.A. (CULTESA), Tenerife Wine Cellars, Turismo de Tenerife and, more recently, NAP and the light rail.The TF Innova Program seeks to extend, intensify and systematize these "key" activities pursed by the Council of Tenerife to date. These activities have enhanced the island's image as region for avant-garde innovation and this image has been shaped by the efforts undertaken by the institution in the past years. Thus, all lines of action in the TF Innova Program are centred on revitalizing, channelling and systematizing opportunities for innovation in Tenerife and extending innovation to all spheres: the society, research and competition.

Axes and Measures

The TF Innova program is based on five axes which provide the guiding principles for the measures defined in the Master Plan.

  • Skills: activities to improve the skills of those directly involved in the island's R&D&I system, as well as activities to foster the demand for innovation.
  • Infrastructure: measures designed to develop supporting infrastructure for R&D&I activities and foster quality.
  • Cooperation: support measures and project structuring to encourage innovation in collaboration with others.
  • Excellence: reinforcement of excellence in local R&D&I projects.
  • Dissemination: provision of information on the Program and its results, as well as public awareness of R&D&I initiatives.

Who is the program aimed at?

TF Innova is principally aimed at:

  • Innovative, technology-based or knowledge-intensive companies
  • Small- and medium-sized companies from all sectors and industries who wish to innovate
  • University graduates, researchers, doctors, technology professionals and innovation managersEntrepreneurs
  • Persons who wish to train in R&D&I management
  • Municipalities, local governments, employment and local development agencies
  • R&D centres, institutes and entities
  • The population as a whole

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