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Continual modernisation

The Plan For Continuous Modernisation (PMC) is an initiative of the Cabildo of Tenerife focusing on inter-administrative cooperation in the area of local administration.

The characteristics of the Plan

  • Integral and multi-disciplinary.
  • Open and participative (becoming a party to the plan is voluntary)
  • It affords an understanding of municipal realities
  • The plan aims to sustain itself over time.
  • It is focused towards citizens.

Aim of the Plan

Avoid imbalances in the services afforded to citizens in the various municipalities on the island via the local administration. The plan was implemented because the Council of Tenerife promotes the harmonious development of the island as a whole.

The Cabildo provides impetus to this initiative with a view to the following:

  • All citizens on the island should possess the same rights, obligations and opportunities, irrespective of the municipality in which they reside.
  • Economic activity (mainly tourism) is not evenly distributed throughout the island, but rather is concentrated in certain areas.
  • The PMC is an instrument of the Cabildo of Tenerife to coordinate and harmonise the speed of incorporation into the information and knowledge society on the part of the town and city halls of the island.

Value of the Plan

The value of the PMC can be measured and quantified via tangible indicators: euros invested, equipment installed, hours of training, time saved and improved management, among other aspects.

However, the PMC's real value consists in having promoted a network of knowledge and good practices entailing more than 150 highly qualified professionals within the city halls and the Cabildo, all of which are involved in the modernisation of the local administration on the island of Tenerife.


Among others, attention can de drawn to two important milestones:

  • Ley 11/2007 n Citizens' Online Access to Public Services: Although the deadline does not apply to Local Bodies, the PMC's strategic aim is in line with Act 11/2007 and defines specific actions in that direction.
  • Directive 2007/2/EC establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) (currently in the process of transposition to Spanish legislation): the PMC is considering the development of thematic local IDE nodes, along the lines of INSPIRE.

The Plan's Mission and Objectives

Contact details and Information

  • Citizen Service Centre
  • Telephone: 901 501 901

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