Cabildo de Tenerife


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(It carves minimum of capture 20 cm)

  • I nuzzle conical and rounded line
  • Flakes of great size
  • Mature male, gray-parduzco with stain quarter note above the pectoral fin. Mature female, with body of red dark color and a gray stain behind d ela head and another yellow one under the eye and envelope the peduncle flow. Juvenile of brown greenish or rosy color
Seifia  Seifio

(It carves minimum of capture 22 cm)

  • Body of silver-yellowish color with a black fringe in the nape from the loin until the pectoral fin and another black band in the peduncle flow
  • Dark line with the black border
Sardina de ley

(It carves minimum of capture 11 cm)

  • From 3 to 5 radial grooves in the inferior part of the opérculo
  • Even jaws
  • A dorsal fin in the half area and two pectoral small fins in low position
  • A series of dark stains in the superior (fresh copies) flanks
Sargo  Sargo Blanco

(It carves minimum of capture 22 cm)

  • Gray silver color with 8-9 traverse fine (alternating darker and clearer) black lines to both sides of the body (except the stomach of white color) and a great stain quarter note in the part previous of the peduncle flow
  • Embroider later of the black line
Sama serruda

(It carves minimum of capture 35 cm)

  • Head with a front hump in copies of great size
  • The first 2 thorns very short numbers, the following ones long and filamentous ("Feather") in young
  • Reddish color with clearer stomach and darker head; a red dark stain at the end of the opérculo
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