Cabildo de Tenerife


Insular Hydrological Plan

The Island Water Council of Tenerife is the highest entity in charge of water on the island. It directs, orders, plans and manages the different activities related to the complex world of the waters.

The Island Hydrological Plan (IHP) is the basic instrument of hydrological planning, aimed at achieving the best satisfaction on water demands, and rationalising the use of the Island's hydraulic resources, protecting their quality and preserving them in harmony with the environment and other natural resources. Its ultimate purpose is to guarantee the present and future supply of water under the conditions of quantity and quality demanded by society. With these objectives in mind, the Council has the important task of complying with and enforcing the guidelines outlined by IHP.

In order to inform all the people of Tenerife about the contents of the Hydrological Plan, given its great importance and broad interest, in 1997 the Council published an audiovisual series of an informative nature, consisting of 10 chapters of 3 minutes each, which were broadcast in 1997 on six local television channels.

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