Cabildo de Tenerife


Tenerife Hunting Plan

The Island Hunting Plan is a game-planning instrument that aims to define the framework and model of organising hunting based on the structure and classification of the Island's land. It also provides for special actions with specific aims to be implemented over time.

A draft Island Hunting Plan is currently being disseminated to prepare a Preliminary Plan that will be agreed upon and implemented by all hunters in Tenerife.

Aims of the Island Hunting Plan

  • To protect, conserve and promote the wealth of game through sustainable and regulated hunting in harmony with all the parties concerned on the Island.
  • To respect, maintain and conserve the existing ecosystems and natural resources, and ensure their management to the maximum benefit of the island community without diminishing potential, nor the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.
  • To contribute towards social, economic and recreational satisfaction by ensuring the use of hunting resources.
  • To bring hunting seasons into line with the biological needs of game species.
  • To eradicate mouflons on Tenerife Island.

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