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European affairs

One of the tasks entrusted to the Economy and Competitiveness Department, though the European Affairs and International Cooperation Service, is to support the departments, centres, entities and companies answering to the Insular Council in order to facilitate and foster their participation in the projects likely to be eligible for community funding.

Services offered

  • Monitoring, at each stage of the programme, the different financial instruments and identifying those that are of interest for the Council departments and entities, studying their feasibility according to their nature, sector level, appropriateness in terms of the interests of the island and the goals of the community policies.
  • Administrative support to submit project to the European calls for projects, together with their monitoring and their subsequent justification.
  • Support in the search for partners needed to bid in the different calls for tenders.
  • Driving, coordinating and preparing transversal insular projects, with the participation of different departments of the Insular Council, likely to be eligible for European funding.

Other functions

  • Technical, and where applicable financial, cooperation with the Island’s local councils to submit or implement European-funded projects that are of interest to the island, due to their contents and scope.
  • Searching for and implementing incentivisation mechanisms and fostering the participation of businesses and of other public and private entities in European projects, particularly in those sectors considered to be strategic for the island’s social and economic development.


TE.NO (Tenerife-Northwest) 2015, "Fostering the northwest of Tenerife"

TE.NO 2015 is a project whose main objective is to achieve integral development in the northwest zone of Tenerife in four areas: environmental, economic, social and institutional. Its sphere of action comprises the municipalities of Icod de los Vinos, Garachico, Los Silos, El Tanque and Buenavista del Norte.

The project actions are grouped around the following three focal points:

  • Focal point 1.- Conserving and recovering the cultural and natural heritage as a source of wealth in a sustainable development framework.
  • Focal point 2.- Fostering the versatility and residential attractiveness of the urban centres.
  • Focal point 3.- Introducing new technologies to improve citizen services and fostering social participation.

The TE.NO 2015 project is co-financed to the tune of 75% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with a subsidy totalling €1,566,641.78. The actions to implement the project started in 2008 and the ERDF expects this initial phase to be completed halfway through 2011.

The following departments of the Insular Council are currently involved in its implementation: Economy and Competitiveness, Tourism and Planning, Sustainability, Territory and the Environment, Agriculture; Livestock, Fisheries and Water, Culture, Heritage and Museums, Council Office for Landscape and City Environment, Council Office for Planning, along with the Isla Baja Consortium. Furthermore, the Economy and Competitiveness Department is managing, coordinating and monitoring the project, in addition to implementing its relevant actions.

“Arona Urban and Local Development Strategy” Urban Project 2007-2013

The Insular Council of Tenerife, as part of an agreement signed with Arona Local Council in 2008, are financially and technically involved in the implementation of this project, organised by the local council and approved as part of the URBAN 2007-2013 call for projects.

Its main objective is to get underway innovative social and economic regeneration strategies of urban zones. Based on an integrated approach, the strategies drive sustainable urban development in accordance with the strategic principles and guidelines of community policies.

The Urban Project 2007-2013 contains the agreed strategies for the sustainable territorial development of the neighbourhoods of the south-east of the municipality: Las Galletas, El Fraile and Costa del Silencio. An urban setting with serious social, economic and environmental shortcomings, that requires coordinated, prudent and comprehensive emergency measures, in an endeavour to achieve a first-rate area for the life of its citizens.

The project is 75% co-funded by the European Commission through the ERDF as part of the Urban Community Initiative (URBAN), envisaged in Urban and Local Development Focal point 5 of the Canary Island ERDF Operational Programme of the Canary Islands 2007-2013

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