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Research, development, technology and innovation

The TF Innova Programme establishes the Council of Tenerife's objectives and lines of action in the areas of business innovation, technology-based entrepreneurship, knowledge-intensive processes and excellence.

The main objective of the programme is to develop a culture of innovation, which will act as a driver in improving competitiveness and the fabric of the local socioeconomic community . The activities of the Council of Tenerife will be a driver for innovation across the island, while the Office for Project Innovation and Development, supported by the Council’s different action areas, is responsible for setting up TF Innova and ensuring its successful operation.

Guided by the different principles and using a number of different measures, the Council of Tenerife will focus on revitalising, channelling and systematising all the opportunities for innovation on the island, enhancing the skills of those involved in local innovation, promoting R&D&I projects amongst the population and creating the infrastructure necessary for R&D&I projects (such as the Tenerife Science and Technology Park, Clusters, and others).

TF Innova promotes innovation not only in strategic, well-established industries but also in emerging and potential industries.

Context and origin of TF Innova

Tenerife enjoys a privileged geographic location, which has played a decisive role in its economic development and in the high concentration of economic activity in the tourist industry. However, there are new opportunities on the island, in industries that have yet to be developed.

Historically, the Council of Tenerife has implemented a number of pioneering projects that were both innovative and had a major impact, in a series of different areas: examples include the setting up of the Canary Islands University Hospital, the Exhibition Centre, the Auditorium, the TEA (Tenerife Arts Centre); the Technological Institute for Renewable Energy (ITER); the company (CULTESA) y Tecnología Agraria de Tenerife, S.A.; the Island Winery ; the Tenerife Tourist Board and, most recently, the NAP initiative and the Tenerife Tramway .

The TF Innova Program seeks to extend, intensify and systematise these key projects that have been implemented by the Council of Tenerife to date. Projects like these, allied to all the efforts made by the Council in recent years, have given it a well-deserved reputation for cutting-edge thinking and innovation.

What offers?

The TF Innova program is based on five principles which guide the measures provided for in the General Plan:

  • Capacities: activities to improve the capacities of those directly involved in the island's R&D&I system, as well as activities to foster the demand for innovation.
  • Infrastructure: measures designed to develop supporting infrastructure for R&D&I activities and foster quality.
  • Cooperation: support measures and project structuring to encourage innovation in collaboration with others.
  • Excellence: reinforcement of excellence in local R&D&I projects.
  • Dissemination: provision of information on the Plan and its results, as well as public awareness of R&D&I initiatives.

Who it is aimed at

TF Innova is principally aimed at:

  • Innovative, technology-based or knowledge-intensive companies
  • Small and medium-sized companies that wish to innovate, regardless of sector
  • University graduates, researchers, doctors, technology professionals and innovation
  • Managers and Entrepreneurs
  • Those who wish to train in R&D&I management
  • Municipalities, local governments, employment and local-development agencies
  • R&D centres, institutes and organisations
  • The population as a whole

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